Men seek a strong and grounded presence.




Women strive for competency and passion.


Yet, men today face unique psycho-social challenges that can undermine their sense of competency and inner strength. Much like a coach helps a team improve their game, therapy can offer men an arena to maximize their resources for managing difficulties, improving relationship satisfaction, conflict resolution, and finding a path to benevolent expressions of male power.

Finding one’s self thwarted in this quest for inner strength, can lead to anxiety, depression, stress and self-defeating behavior. Therapy helps men make fewer mistakes which tend to become more costly as we age. Bringing into alignment behavior and intentions is the path to success in relationships as well as in work.

In marriage, men today are also challenged to develop a broader range of resources that lead to improved relationships. Learning to satisfy a woman’s emotional needs can be the illusive factor in experiencing one’s self as strong and competent in love. Therapy can also enhance sexual satisfaction, helping men to escort their partners toward attaining extraordinary pleasure and intimacy.

Coming to counseling for an assessment is the perfect way to start on this path of self-mastery.

Women today are striving to uncover their sense of competency and passion amid a wirlpool of conflicting crosscurrents. Whether it’s finding relationship satisfaction, balancing the demands of work and family or learning the message of anxiety and depression, Niki Ceo can be a guide and coach.

Niki brings the wisdom of a therapist, wife and mother to support you through your journey of self-understanding and personal empowerment.